Taming the Wolf Prince (The Wolves of the Underworld Book 1)

Taming the Wolf Prince (The Wolves of the Underworld Book 1)

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Danni Allan By x_Luminous_x Completed


In Tamer, her childhood friend turned lover, Winter may think she's found the other half of her soul. But little does she know she'll be dead before their wedding night.
Betrayed by all she loves and marked for murder since birth, Winter is the Maiden: the human sacrifice whose blood must be spilled to keep Cerberus -- the fearsome King of Wolves -- at bay.
And more animal than man, Tamer is one of the key players in the public spectacle that will be her murder. 
Burdened by the impossible decision of weighing the value of thousands of lives against the woman he loves, Tamer's allegiance is torn. The only way to ensure his loyalty to her and not the King is for them to commit to the most spiritual of bonds.
But fate has other ideas.

(Contains  mature content. Beautiful cover by @weeknder)

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I swear,
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Because I'm funny, Imma comment on this first. Then I'll like actually read a chapter.
KINGDOM_ KINGDOM_ 2 days ago
I haven't even read this story yet and ur already pretty cool😂😂😂
Brimstone453 Brimstone453 Dec 24, 2015
Great story . I agree that the werewolf genre has been killed by cliques.I'm glad that u are able to create something unique and well written.
x_Luminous_x x_Luminous_x Dec 17, 2015
Hehe well I hope you enjoy!  I think some clichés can be enjoyable if it's written well but there's some werewolf ones I can't stand haha
hrllscrt hrllscrt Dec 13, 2015
Hello! I love this fairytale like concept and looking forward to this! I'm counting on this to break the cliches! And of course, romance has to be the choc cookie!