Penelope [h.s]

Penelope [h.s]

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TakeYouThere By TakeYouThere Updated Aug 10, 2015

You said you wanted a good-bye kiss, that you wanted to give it to me. I obliged, ready to turn my head to the right so you your lips could meet my cheek, just like when you were younger. Little did I know, in that brain of yours, you had devised a plan that would make my thoughts wrap around you for about a month.

Your lips caught mine, my eyes were wide and you pulled away a second after, running off to my house. But before you went inside, you turned around, placing your hands around your mouth to amplify your voice.

"I'll miss you Harry!" Then you went off.

"I'll miss you too, Penelope."

(This fanfiction does deal with age difference, so please do not read if that bothers you)

That was the best opening I've ever read. Thank you for that experience.
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