An Alpha's Bite

An Alpha's Bite

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Anna Bezoo By FairytaleMushrooms Completed

"Look dude, I get that you probably have some emotional problems, and you have taken to random strangers to find comfort. I mean I get it, I really do" I totally didn't "But it isn't really cool to do this sort of thing, so I'll tell you what. My Sisters, Husbands, Uncles, adopted daughters, mom is seeing a shrink for the exact same thing, I could get you her number or something? It's probably better than going around hugging random strangers." I told him. 

The dude didn't answer me, no. He decided to bite me.

And I blacked out.

Sarah is a normal human, with a normal family. she goes to a normal university, and she has normal obsessions with hot TV stars. Everything about her is normal. That is till some random dude snatches her up from the Saturday market and brings her away to somewhere she would have never imagined existed.

Awesome cover made by @valiantsouls

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Idk man. I didn't get it either. And then it happened. And now it's not a big deal to me.
natd77 natd77 Jan 29
Lol love the fact that you're a writer with a sense of humor 😁 I think I'm going to enjoy this journey! Btw thank you for making me smile so far 😊
AuroraV AuroraV Mar 08
If you’re looking for a good, happy ending this is not for you. At all. The ending is really bad.
bc everyone loses a finger sometime in their life right? 😂😂😂
Nothing is bad about waiting. But sex is fun. Not JUST with "the one".
Nothing wrong but it is awfully sad to wait and fall for the wrong jerk