Love, Lust and Baby

Love, Lust and Baby

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Batgirl6701 By Batgirl6701 Updated Jun 29, 2015

If someone would have told me that the night of my birthday I was going to lose my v card and that I was going to be pregnant with the baby of The CEO of Kings Design, I would have said " Not in a million years" but now I know it's all true.

My name is Alexandria Herrera but people know me as Alex and I am from Puerto Rico. I am Latina and that means I speak español(spanish). I moved to Florida when I was 14, now I live in New York and I have my own company called " Herrera's Art and Design". I am 23 years old. My personality is Mature, Serious, Rebel and Strong.

My name is Sebastian Kings and I am from Britain. I moved to New York when I was 10 and I took over the company of my father (Kings Design) when I was 18. I am 25 years old. My personality is Rebel, Strong and  Serious.

infinite_03 infinite_03 Aug 18
Pacha!!! That's the dude in Emperor's New Groove!! #throwback😂😂