One of the Guys

One of the Guys

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Cecelia Anderson isn't just any girl. She's a quarterback and she's proud of it. Last years quarterback graduated and she's moving up. No more junior varsity, no more second best. She was the captain of last years junior varsity and she led her team to the championship. Now Coach is giving her a big chance. Captain of varsity and starting quarterback. With her best friend by her side it's easy, or is it?


Ashton Mcallister is the fullback this year. His job is simple, protect her. Of course he has other things to do, but to him it's the only one that matters. Cecelia is his best friend and he has been protecting her since they were in kindergarten. He is a player and she is the only girl he's every really cared about and he can't lose her.

Could stupid guys, new feelings, and one party ruin everything they've ever worked for or will it be just the thing they needed?

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uhlilma_fics uhlilma_fics Dec 27, 2017
This is my name but I spell it Cecilia close enough though  ❤️❤️❤️
Why is everyone who is a junior 17 year old and everybody who's a senior 18 year old. I'll be 15 when I'm starting my senior year. I in my class I'm not even the youngest.
chelseyab chelseyab Oct 20, 2017
All of the juniors are 17 but im a junior and im still 15...
iluvdylan1231 iluvdylan1231 Jun 21, 2016
Wait is she an only child or her only child like as in her own
ForeverCecelloyd ForeverCecelloyd Nov 09, 2016
Can I just say that this is the first book I read that the author used Cecelia as one of their character's names and spells it how I spell my name ❤
- - Feb 15, 2016
love the cast....Dylan O'Brien❤💕💖❤💕💖❤💕💖❤💕💖❤💕💖❤💕💖❤💕💖❤💕💖❤💕💖