One Big Family

One Big Family

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Your P.O.V

"Danny! DANNY!" I shouted chasing after him from the back of the bus to the front. I thought I had him cornered when he ran back through my legs and back to the end of the bus.

"Come here you little shit!" I shouted and everyone that were in the bunks looked at me including Lauren who just laughed. This kept going on for 10 minutes until Nathan stepped in and picked him up. I pined him up against the bunk wall in which he tried to escape but I stopped him.

"You gonna tell me why you decided to put raw eggs,fish,pickle juice and olives into not only your sisters but your mothers shampoo?!" I said. He laughed but I just glared at him which made him stop.

"D-Dinah to-told me to" He said and I looked at him.He was actually scared of me. I nodded.

"Go apologize to your mother and sister now" I said letting him go and watching as he walked over to Lauren and Is bunk where her and Alice were.

"DINAH!" I shouted and she came out the back with Camila following her. 

"Mani wis...

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imfinethanks1 imfinethanks1 Oct 07, 2017
well ok thats so not a song you wanna sing to your little ones..! 
                              " you turn me on ...??? like whaaaaat????
imfinethanks1 imfinethanks1 Oct 07, 2017
"...after him..." then like  2 minutes later " ...running sfter her .." 
                               ok tell  me if my child is a he or a she at least... will ya??? lolz!