By The Sea: Poems Of Love, Longing, And Lust

By The Sea: Poems Of Love, Longing, And Lust

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Feng Zhou By MasterPoet Updated Nov 15, 2014

By The Sea: Poems Of Love, Longing, And Lust 
Copyright 2013-2014 by FENG ZHOU
All rights reserved. 

Is there a more romantic destination than a beach? Is there a more exquisite experience than the journey of love and passion? 

The road of loving and being loved is one we will all walk. Once Cupid’s arrows have hit, all we want is to escape the ordinary and live a romantic, beautiful, and carefree life with our partner. That’s why the Poet has chosen that endless ocean horizon to travel alongside. 

With the sun beaming down and your lover by your side, it is nothing short of paradise. But life is short, and good times are like the dusk: It doesn’t last forever. Within these pages are a collection of romantic poems penned on sandy beaches, straight from the heart. Yet these verses don’t just offer beautiful words, but also a chance to relive your most passionate moments. 

So gather your lover close, delve inside, and discover how high desire can soar, how vibrant the oceans are, and how poignant love poems can be!

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samir-bin-noor samir-bin-noor Apr 17, 2017
Only can love a person who understood this. It was very nice poem, love it
TakaraMusaki TakaraMusaki Nov 16, 2016
Its a fine piece of work, personally in my opinion I love poetry
perikavanoz perikavanoz Dec 26, 2015
Oh my god! So deep, I could barely understand it! It's amazing!
MizOgynist MizOgynist Jun 26, 2015
Truly awesome writing,I was captivated by the way you described those intimate and romantic moments which only two people can really share.
                              The scenery was breathtaking I absorbed all of the imagery as you cleverly painted me the reader a picture of absolute tranquil beauty.Kudos to you
DamarisHerrera DamarisHerrera Nov 30, 2014
Omg I really love it. Wow I wish I can be as poetic and rhyme like you! I'm starter so I'm average but yours is just breath taking.
ScotlandForsythe ScotlandForsythe Nov 28, 2014
This is a very beautiful poem. It makes very good use of imagery, appealing to my senses. the title is perfect and it brings the person in. I loved it!