The Blue Whisper (Yu Jiao Ji) English Translation

The Blue Whisper (Yu Jiao Ji) English Translation

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Novel Title - Yu Jiao Ji (驭鲛记)

Drama Adaptation Title - The Blue Whisper

Author - Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Genre - Xianxia, Xuanhuan 

Chapters - 117

Synopsis - Princess Shunde captured a merman and wanted to find someone to help tame it. The task involves three wishes, one is for the demon to speak human words, second is for him to grow legs, and the third is for him to serve loyally.  
       Those born with the power to harness and tame demons, called demon masters, are allowed to exist in only four parts of the world under current imperial rule. The Demon Island to the east, the Demon Mountain to the west, the Demon Terrace to the north, and the Demon Valley to the south. She is the most talented and powerful demon master in the Demon Valley, but her heart has been enchanted by the merman...

Note: I do not speak nor do I understand Chinese at all. I made this simply because there are people who want to read this book since the adaptation news came out but couldn't because there are no English translation. This is made by Google translate and I only edited it so that it would be readable. I will be deleting it immediately as soon as someone picks up this book to translate it properly. 

And another important note: The identity of the ML in this book is too hard to describe for someone like me who read it with google translate. 😂 He was forever changing to the shark, the merman, the scorpion..well, you get the idea. So, I still am not sure, even after reading this book for a few times, whether if he's a shark or a merman. But since his tears turned into pearls, he must be a merman. (Right?!) 

Anyway, I will be updating this 2 Chapters per day so that we would know quite well enough of the storyline when the adaptation comes!