Cinderella (Calum Hood 5SOS)

Cinderella (Calum Hood 5SOS)

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Hey Guys! So I decided to do a Calum Hood (5SOS) Fanfiction, in the form of a Cinderella story, since that one is pretty easy to do. Plus he is also bae! Just kidding. So here is the ACTUAL description/summary:

Ella Waverley is just another 18 year old girl who is just about to finish high school. Her mother died when she was only 2, but right after she died, her father remarried immediately. Her name was Audrey and she was evil in its purest form.  She already had two twin daughters that were the same age as Ella. Lexi and Mackenzie. 

As soon as Ella hit high school, Mr. Waverley was transferred to London for his job, leaving Ella with Audrey, and her 6 step siblings. The only family she had left was her best friend Marley and her family. Ella was never treated the same after her father left. Audrey made her the "Cinderella" of the house. Her life was miserable. But she found a way out: follow her dreams and go to UCLA. She kept it a secret from Audrey, Lexi, and Mackenzie.

But when she goes to a party and meets a certain band member, a glass slipper, a fairy godmother, a college application, some evil stepsisters, an evil stepmother and few songs turn her world upside down! 

Find out what happens in Cinderella, the Calum Hood Fairytale Fanfiction.

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jillian_rose_07 jillian_rose_07 May 27, 2016
Yay! 5 seconds of summer, paramore, and I'm listening to all time low tight now😁
PunkRockKittenMikey PunkRockKittenMikey Oct 07, 2016
This is the best day of my life I found out from my crushes cousin that my crush thinks I'm cute!!!
calpalsbooty121 calpalsbooty121 Dec 08, 2016
When they say in my bedroom thinking of her, are they singing about them masturbateing?
roytheboi roytheboi May 14, 2016
I'm watching Freddy Vs Jason right now and they were just talking about the mystery machine
Oh my gosh!!! I am in 5th grade and I write songs,play piano, and play guitar!!!!
krisozzy krisozzy Feb 10, 2016
I loove that the first four girls are each their own member of 5sos.