Vampire knight - Yuuki's sister Kaiya - The pureblood killer

Vampire knight - Yuuki's sister Kaiya - The pureblood killer

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To Save Yuuki's life. Rido Must think the daughter of the Kuran family was death. While Yuuki was save in the basement Kaiya (Yuuki's twin) was playing her part. Kaiya had a horrible life with the Kurans, because she never knew what was in the basement and why did her parents and Kaname (brorher) love it more than her. 
The day of the attack, Kaiya lose all her memories and get adopted by the Akane family who were servants of Rido. Rido make sure that Kaiya was one of his servants to before he begon his battle against Kaname.  What will  Kaname do if he sees his sister who point the sword that killed their father against him. How will Kaiya react to her 'old' family?

Kaiya will shock the vampire society, not because she is a pureblood.  No because she is a pureblood-killer. 

- Vampire Knight fanfiction.

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Anime_Reader18 Anime_Reader18 Jul 31, 2017
This family is the worst hmph there just jealous that kaiya was smarter than yuuki
Empress_DeathQueen Empress_DeathQueen May 25, 2016
Anong klaseng magulang yun -_- di mo dapat patayin isa sa anak mo para maligtas kayo sana dika nalang naganak sa tagal ng pagbuntis mo dyan tas papatayin nyo lng mga walang kwenta....saakin nlng si kaiya tss :'(
NagisaShirayuki NagisaShirayuki Jan 25, 2017
She should rename herself Kaguya(much more fittting) later on when she's out for vengeance, because who would respect the name-choice of such "parents":P
Empress_DeathQueen Empress_DeathQueen May 25, 2016
Thanks nlng sa rabbit buti pa yun kaibigan sya at least dipa nangiiwan at nangpapatay
watter1223389 watter1223389 Jan 10, 2016
Cloudlover4lyfe Cloudlover4lyfe Sep 08, 2015
what a coincidence since it means forgiveness...I wish mines was spelled that way instead it's Kiaya