Crazy is Normal (Markiplier X Reader)

Crazy is Normal (Markiplier X Reader)

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JustAnotherTim By Marble_B0red Completed

You movd in L.A in a brand new apartment, but what happens when your apartment is already taken by someone? Well, of course you two are forced by two certain people to live together and then well.., You'll have to read the story for that, am I right?

Rights to everybody:

Markiplier: Belongs to himself
You: To yourself
B0red: Herself
???: Himself

The image used is probably Mark's but since a fan probably screen captured it, than the picture belongs to Mark and to the girl or guy that took the picture. :D

Leafyz_Is_Here Leafyz_Is_Here Dec 29, 2016
Remember - the fourth wall is an illusion, the fourth wall is a hologram, buy Markipier BYE!
Omg imagine that happening in real life
                              lol I would die 😂😂😭😂😂
XxMiss_DragneelxX XxMiss_DragneelxX Aug 31, 2016
Oh no there goes the wall......... annnnd here comes the Titans..... someone call shorty
idonthavealifehere idonthavealifehere Sep 18, 2016
I like how you eneter yourself into the story •clapping•
imalittledead imalittledead Aug 20, 2016
The second I read pointless I commented and skipped the rest
Alex_is_Nerdy Alex_is_Nerdy Aug 24, 2016
Wtf is this story?!😂😂😂 we broke the forth wall. We made a poplar reference. What next? Are we gonna find out we're a secret crystal gem???