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A Bad Mix Up? (Reader x Gaara. A Naruto fanfic){Old version}

A Bad Mix Up? (Reader x Gaara. A Naruto fanfic){Old version}

61.7K Reads 2.3K Votes 19 Part Story
Kuro The Kat By KuroTheKat Completed

On a summer trip with Gaara, Sasuke, Naruto, RockLee Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and (Y/N) When figuring out who was sharing a room with who, because there were Four bedrooms. 
The guys decided they would pick who sleep in a room with them. 
RockLee picked Sakura(Because he likes her)
Sasuke picked Ino(Because he thinks she would be less annoying)
Naruto picked Hinata(Because you and him are hate each other)
And Gaara picked you(Because you were the last one? Or because he likes you?)
Find out why Gaara picked you by reading! Did he pick you because you were the last one or was it because he likes you?

I own the plot just not the Naruto characters

WildKataWolf WildKataWolf Jul 30, 2016
So... This is a modern x Reader. Considering theirs a car. -_-
remix268 remix268 Feb 13, 2016
This would never happen in my family there'd  either be a huge fight about who goes with who or why lol
Chrysztian Chrysztian Jun 12, 2016
~DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE AFTER LOVE!!!!!!~ *dances out f happiness*
punch333 punch333 Jul 03, 2016
Wouldn't it be easier if they paired up by two's. Because there are 4 boys & 4 girls there could be two girls in each of two of the 4 rooms same with the boys.
SuirenSakura12362 SuirenSakura12362 Dec 16, 2016
B-baka.... please tell me were not sharing a bed.... OH PLEASE!!!!! * Blushes like Hinata and passes out*
YoruYamatsuki YoruYamatsuki Mar 14, 2016
Things just got complicated,and why couldnt the girls share a room?