Walker's Girl

Walker's Girl

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Katlego 'Katee' Moncho By KateeSmurfette Updated Feb 21

“You’re going to talk to your boyfriend while I’m sitting right here?” an angry voice brought me out of my bubble. The stranger guy was glaring at me for whatever reason.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” I scowled.

“Oh? So you just smile and giggle like that for anyone then?” he scoffed.

“Not that it’s any of your concern, but I actually don’t. I made a new friend today and he just so happens to be worried for my safety now that I’m sitting here with a nosy jerk,” I replied.

“You just keep coming up with insults, don’t you?” he smirked.

“Well, you haven’t exactly left a lasting impression so far,” I shrugged.

“Duncan,” he suddenly said.

“What?” I scowled, looking to him.

“My name is Duncan,” he smiled.

“Amanda,” I returned the smile.

He just looked even hotter with the smile.

“Amy,” he said as though he were testing it on his tongue.

“No, Mandy,” I countered.

“I assume that’s the name everyone else calls you?” he chuckled.

“Yes, and that’s the way I like it,” I nodded.

“Too bad! I like Amy better,” he shrugged.


Bad boys.

Because they're mysterious, angry, secretive and best of all sexy.

Good girls.

Because they're adorable, honest, innocent and best of all beautiful.

Put them together.

Because good always balances out bad.

bluejellys bluejellys Jun 28
my mom would move twice a year since she was 4 all the way to her freshman year in college then after her 21st birthday until she was 27 then once a year until she was 34
Whoa. Oh hey!!!!! I recognize Duncan! He plays jack? In now you see me!!! I love that movie
Well that's the start of something there....I wonder how long it will be before he comes back for more
Oml, after reading six and zero i didnt want to read any of ur other books because i thought they would suck, but there all amazing, i know how im spending the next week
I moved around a lot too. I went to like 7 different schools when I was younger.
bluejellys bluejellys Jun 29
my neighbors don't even know who I am bc I'm always traveling lol