A porcelain doll - Short Story (completed)

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My shortened name...Jay By simplyhysterical Completed
Olivia is living a bleak existence. Just continuing to exist for another day, trying to find  something worth living for. And then she finds it. In the form of a porcelain doll...
This was really interesting! I actually started to cry a little bit! Very well descriptive. If your teacher does not give you an A then they need to go back to college.
Yet another great story:) if you don't mind me asking, what was the story graded? It must have been high:)
This is really good :) what kind of grade did you get on it?
@simplyhysterical You are so very welcome! :) I enjoyed it, actually, and your story is so wonderful is was easy to enjoy! I'm just glad you didn't hate me after all of it! Haha, understood. We all go through that lazy phase. ;P Thank you :) I do actually, haha. Thanks! I think you are as well!! :D
@simplyhysterical  That being said, please don't hate me because this was so long--I'm like this with everything. Even texts, believe it or not :P Thank you!! It's gorgeous--a perfect choice for a cover! :)
What a sweet story! I'm sure you'll get a good grade for this short story. Thanks soooo much for the dedication, too. Love ya!