The Big Four and the Philosopher's Stone

The Big Four and the Philosopher's Stone

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*First Year*

When Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry brings four unlikely friends - Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Jack - together, no one is ready for the consequences. Each have complicated secrets, yet they seem to fit together as something similar. But Hogwarts has secrets too and when a teacher, a Guardian, seems to be plotting against the school and the magical world, the four know they have to do something. Unfortunately, nothing is easy and many obstacles will be placed in their way. Many tests. Can this new Big Four protect their school even with all of their differences?

1/7 of The Big Four go to Hogwarts™ series by IHeartBooks01

*I don't own Disney, DreamWorks or Harry Potter. This is a work of fanfiction and any elements of the above used in it do not belong to me.*


"Oh my gosh I love this! And the pictures go really well with it! X" - gracieTpie

"Amazing foreshadowing of Jack Frost. I love how you portrayed Rapunzel. She was all cute and fluffy and adorable and Merida is like mature, grumpy and sharp." - EbonyDanger

"I started giggling and screaming with excitement when I read this. I ALREADY LOVE THE BOOK!!!!!" - Darkgirl_forever

"Update.. please... i need this" - likadogday34

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bubbIeteas bubbIeteas Jan 30, 2016
The greatest opening ever!!!! How did you put an image in the bottom of the page?
IHeartBooks01 IHeartBooks01 Jan 30, 2016
@EvangelieWatson I'm glad you like it! Yesterday, I discovered an option on the app where you can add a picture or film in the middle of your writing (it's next to the stuff like bold and italics) so I decided to add some to this! :-D
Cinder221b Cinder221b Dec 25, 2016
"Be not afraid of greatness.
                              Some are born great.
                              Some achieve greatness.
                              And some have greatness thrust upon them."
touch-of-grey touch-of-grey Aug 02, 2016
MaidenArcher MaidenArcher Dec 22, 2016
This…is…AWESOME, you're a fantastic inspirational writer
- - Aug 28, 2016
This story is AWESOME! I really love it!! It's... It's too beautiful and wonderful to read, I can't handle such books like this XD
                              But IT'S STILL SUPER DUPER AMAZING!! Thank you for making such a wonderful story about The Big Four~