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Jeff x Ben ~ Clueless Lovers

Jeff x Ben ~ Clueless Lovers

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Nea-Lee Lovinski By Nea-Lee Updated Aug 16, 2015

"What's that?" he asked, eyebrows furrowed as the pair watched something on the lake. Slendy looked perplexed.

"Well, Jeff. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that's a body." was his only reply as he walked towards it. Something ghostly seemed to float over the body, as if attached but unable to break free. Slendy stood at the lake's edge, watching the blond-haired child's body float before abruptly seding out a tentacle. Jeff glanced over at him to see a jar in one hand, a tentacle hauling the body closer. The body became close enough to touch and another tentacle swiped the wispy connection between the figure and body.


Meet Jeff. A teenage prankster with a penchent for mischief. Jeff and Slendy are out on patrol when they see... something... floating on the lake. As they draw closer, they realise it's a body... one with a soul unable to leave. Slendy severs the body and soul ties and brings the soul back to ressurect it's body.

Now meet Ben. A small blond teen (Yes, teen) that desperately wants to escape Zalgo's grasps. His wish leads to him drowning himself with the hopes that no one will find him. And when someone does and he's brough back, well. He doesn't take it too well. He panics, and would have left too if it hadn't been for the fact he saw Slenderman. Ben'd heard of him, the man that takes in the useless, too-far-gone CreepyPastas. But he's also heard he's a healer, someone who works wonders and defends all.

Excuse Ben for wanting a fresh start.


This will contain yaoi. Have fun little ones!

I say that a lot to myself, especially at school, someone will say something and I'll be like "No mind! Stay down!"
Although I don't ship these two that much (I can already hear the FBI knocking at my door) this is really well written. Gj man
alissarose1999 alissarose1999 Jul 14, 2016
Making my way up stairs!!! Walking fast! I need meh bed! Walking faster!
YaoiLoverZuLu YaoiLoverZuLu May 08, 2016
Zyan: hey have you seem gabrie...lll...?
                              ZuLu: mih thung ith cuck un ih pol.
                              Zyan: ZULU AGAIN!?! Wheres Gabriel?(aka my little brother i love with all my heart)
                              ZuLu: oher gere!*points*
Anime2005 Anime2005 Apr 30, 2016
Me every time I see a sexy person
                              No mind bad nooooo 
                              Mind: but-
                              Me: NUUUU
Wait... how did he blink... I thought he didn't have eyelids