I LOVE YOU,SISTER. (INCEST  .BxG Brother-Sister)


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Contains explicit content.This story is about the beautiful romantic relationship  of a brother and sister.

If INCEST disturbs you,  please don't read further. 

Love to lovers, haters can hit the back button.

  • chik-lit
  • incest-story
you know, not to be mean or anything, but it wouldn't take much time to go through and add spaces after your punctuation
She's 13 bruh. She's not THAT developed as she's still a child. Plus she's your sister, so... lmaooooo
TechoMecho TechoMecho Aug 14
Im just like thinking my brother thinking this, cause he's bit pervy and closw to me like that XD
WaxPayneton WaxPayneton Aug 27
Yikes. I cant believe this actually a story about incest 😷
TechoMecho TechoMecho Aug 14
"Man, look at you, Handsome hunk" is this how bro and sis nowadays? XD
Love this story so far. I am indeed in love with my sister and i relate.