I LOVE YOU,SISTER. (INCEST  .BxG Brother-Sister)


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Contains explicit content.This story is about the beautiful romantic relationship  of a brother and sister.

If INCEST disturbs you,  please don't read further. 

Love to lovers, haters can hit the back button.

First of all...Cringe level is 69, second of all...How am I reading this, third of all...I'm confused on how he's looking at her from the front but can see her "white girl smackable ass"
maggiemint maggiemint Oct 19, 2016
Do you want me to be straight foward with you? No? Yes?....okay.....
                              Your vajayjay is wet thats why😊
Roger56rat Roger56rat Sep 06, 2016
When doing multiple points of views set a chapter for each character. That way the reader is not confused and knows what you are talking about.
                              Trust me. I did multiple points of views and I gave each character their own chapter.
hotbrooks hotbrooks Aug 17, 2016
@Wokeblackprincess lmfaooo did you come from itsmelanin's instagram? 😂😂😂
Roger56rat Roger56rat Sep 06, 2016
I can feel the love coming out of the brother's words. So much I felt like him.
Thereapero Thereapero Feb 06
Anddddddddd you just eye raped her *starts claping* good flapping first impresion