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Blazing with Fire

Blazing with Fire

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Aldrine Fualo By AldrineFualo Completed

Luna dreamed of becoming a princess one day, with pink ball gowns, wearing sparkling tiaras over her head and riding ponies on the way to the castle. It was every girl's dream, but she was not like every other girl, she was chosen to become a guardian. She was only seven when a fire goddess spirit Pele possessed her and entrusted her with keeping the spirit goddess Jenevere safe from the god of the underworld Veles. 

At seven years old, she was orphaned for her duty and left to live independent with only the help of a few chosen like her. At 18 years old, she was recruited by the Company, an underground government group swore to protect the guardians and cater to their every need. Everything was going smoothly, but she was a guardian, nothing was supposed to go smoothly.

ChristianCDixon ChristianCDixon Dec 08, 2013
I like how you added Geb. Nice touch. As you can see, I like Egyptian mythology.
ElleGomez ElleGomez Mar 30, 2013
I simply love this story!!! The description made me read this and after reading your novel, I can't stop reading it in the morning , afternoon and evening. Thank u so much! This novel is awesome!
RedRightWrong RedRightWrong Jan 22, 2013
That was a really good start, honestly, the details amazing!! One thing I really like about it is that it is really unique, I don't thinks it possible to find another story like this one :D Good Job
sheldon_ sheldon_ Dec 31, 2012
Description of this story was awesome. Really captured my imagination. Great first chapter as well!
                              Voted! :D
jarlinas jarlinas Nov 29, 2012
Very nice! Original, unique, and creative! I love the way your imagination goes! Keep it up!
AldrineFualo AldrineFualo Nov 28, 2012
@AileenDhiannGomez Thanks for loving them.. hoping you continue on reading