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Kim-BRUH-lee ^w^ By darkimagines Completed
"Roses are red, Some Diamonds are blue, I used to have a simple life, Until I met you."
Omg the GIF's of Harry are the cutest GIF's ever! (in the trailer...Its amazing btw!!!!) xxx
It's perfect I love it and I also LOVE CARROT CAKES YUMMM....... :D
I love this story!! Can't wait to read the rest <3 I'm seriously addicted to it :)
Wooow really an eye catching opening you have really caught my attention with this type of summery now I am curious to see how it all plays out !!!! Wow just wow I can not wait to read it hopefully I have found a new favorite story to add to my list
Damned Directioners! I'M ADDICTED TO ONEDIRECTION FANFICS! I'm a KillJoy and i can't py my damned phone down because I'm reading these all friggin day! #FUSTRATION