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Munch's Sister ⌘ Earth to Echo

Munch's Sister ⌘ Earth to Echo

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ash :) By banksyspuck- Completed

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a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event.

    Ashley, and her squad have been best friends since they could remember and when suddenly they are forced to move because of a highway construction, but something seems fishy. They go out to try make their last night together one to remember, but in end up helping save an alien named echo, who might just cause a little my trouble then thought of,  and in the mix of it all, maybe just maybe, develop a liking on her brothers best friend.

Ashley Barrett is played by Sabrina Carpenter.

[book one]

All rights go to creators of the Earth to Echo movie.

As YoutubeFarkle said about Girl Meets World I find it funny who Teo Halm was cast to play Riley and Auggie's older brother but then his character was cut I just find it a funny how you cast Ashley as Sabrina Carpenter since they may have been co stars at one point
Puppy_Sparkles Puppy_Sparkles Sep 17, 2016
Lol, I am for real addicted to this movie. Watched it 3 times (Netflix!!) and I am reading your story for the second time. I need help.
UnintentionalFangirl UnintentionalFangirl Oct 19, 2016
I love Girl meets world and in love with earth to echo I can't wait to read this
-DaddyKels- -DaddyKels- Sep 19, 2016
I seen earth to echo at least 4 or 5 times @Puppy_Sparkles and this is like me watching it the 6th time and I have the soundtrack I can't help earth to echo is life
amazingfraggle amazingfraggle Dec 05, 2015
Second time reading this *grabs popcorn* lets get this party started people
-sobaesic -sobaesic Jun 17, 2015
That awkward moment when you start reading a fanfiction at 1:50 in the morning when you needed closure for watching the movie to begin with #INeedALife