His Safe Haven ~ EDITING on hold ~

His Safe Haven ~ EDITING on hold ~

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Mel Bender By melbender Updated Mar 23, 2014

“I said I shouldn't be around you, I should keep away and forget about you” he moved closer “but I don’t want to, I don’t put up with bullshit, I fire people when they piss me off without a second thought, I never give a fuck about what anyone thinks or feels but yet you have me doing just both”

Nowhere else to go I turn to the only man I knew could help me, the only man i trust.. but never in a million years did I think I would end up like this, I never thought I would be going through this, taking him down and making him pay!

I also thought I would never let anyone else in, but now I have.

But the real problem is fully letting him in, letting him all the way in and opening up about something that happened between me and my best friend.

How can i tell him something when I know it will crush what we have, could he possibly understand and forgive me from keeping it from him?

Now I'm stuck between two powerful men and people are asking questions, questions I dont know how to answer because once I do, that's when the real problems start.

What's the huge secret their keeping from everyone.

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lephilip lephilip Jan 05, 2016
I really don't care if they're great friends...he is in a relationship if she was with him would she like it if he was doing this to other girls...? even if they were in an abusive relationship or having trouble like it's one thing to comfort and then it's another to be that intimate
crescent24 crescent24 Oct 11, 2015
It feels weird reading that since im british, i mean europeans have a certain style??
- - Jul 13, 2015
this isn't friendship at all.......... this is a relationship and not kind of frnz wid benfts type but a real one
alinecopeland alinecopeland Jun 04, 2015
I will love to read this book; do you will update????
                              I like the beginning; 
TheLunaticAngel TheLunaticAngel May 16, 2015
those must be some 6 inch high heels or something to get close to 6 foot
ccforever418 ccforever418 Dec 12, 2014
I think the person shes trying to get away from hits her so he was just taking pictures of her bruises or something as evidence