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With her father missing Shay will do anything to get him back, even if that means teaming up with a cruel gang leader and his band of psychotic men.

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Onew_is_Mine Onew_is_Mine Nov 16, 2016
Woah. Dress up games were my life in elementary and middle school.
-Max-the-Great- -Max-the-Great- Dec 30, 2016
I can relate, but i wasn't chubby. I was just alone playing
TheVandiShow TheVandiShow Dec 14, 2016
No bruises?  Does that mean their dad would beat them but leave no bruises?  So sad.  It seems that even before their dad went missing he had already left them.  They seemed to have lost both parents at the same time.  :(
Miss_Mash_Poetaytoe Miss_Mash_Poetaytoe Dec 10, 2016
This is beautiful especially contrasted with the bullies and loneliness in the beginning
ThatWonderfulThing ThatWonderfulThing Sep 14, 2016
Don't trust Patricia's, they will sit in the shade will leaving you exposed out in the sun.
juicy40197 juicy40197 Jul 26, 2015
Is it bad I get excited when you post warming: sexual content? I'm horrible lol and I'm okay with it