Playground➳ l.h

Playground➳ l.h

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in which a girl helps out a lad who was stuck in a mcdonald's playground.

lowercase intended

•base book in the intended series•
//est. november 4th 2014

lauren_salino lauren_salino Jul 08, 2016
My grandma does Zumba 
                              And she wears jumpsuits
                              She is a strange woman
Crazyultimatefangirl Crazyultimatefangirl Aug 11, 2016
Why is it I can imagine Luke getting stuck in the tube at the playground😂 I can hear him just yelling for help lol
unclutching_ unclutching_ Jul 15, 2016
Is it bad that when I read "Luke picked up the trash" I though he picked up Elcie?
                              I feel so rude
9australiansPlusPhan 9australiansPlusPhan Sep 09, 2016
Oh my god other people say adulting? It's not just me? That makes me happy
christophrwoodx christophrwoodx Jul 08, 2016
this was me when I went to Egypt and I was walking on the road and a car touched the back of my leg and if someone hadn't pulled me out of the way i would have been squished lmao
Fangirlsr_cool Fangirlsr_cool Aug 04, 2016
Boi you no damn well you don't do some zumba get the fuçk out of here with your breadstick self