Love Bites (Werewolf BxB) *SLOW UPDATES*

Love Bites (Werewolf BxB) *SLOW UPDATES*

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Micah By TheGaySin Updated Apr 19, 2016

Chase Andrews is an average 17 year old, who just moved into a new town and didn't sign up for school because of his abusive father. He also has secrets, not little secrets like being gay, one that could possibly start a war. 

Luke Young is an not so average 18 year old, who has lived in Blue Lake since birth and who is out on the hunt for a mate, since he has just turned 18. Luke has no secrets, he's open about be totally gay and only other werewolves know that he's the next in like alpha, but humans don't belive in those things. 

What will happen when these two polar  opposites meet? Will Chase's secrets ruin everything?  Or will they bring them closer together?

  • gay
  • mythical
  • personalities
  • werewolf
Fire_Fly28 Fire_Fly28 Mar 30, 2016
Can a plate really break by hitting someone on the stomach? And shouldn't he be like idk gasping in pain and ok the floor??
angiethetictacdork angiethetictacdork Jan 25, 2016
We are in the same grade and I'm 4'10! He's smaller than me!!!!!!!!
ZoroxLuffy ZoroxLuffy Nov 21, 2015
He did all that because he didn't take out the fûcking trash wow
jadacrazypants123 jadacrazypants123 Oct 31, 2015
I forgot to read the summary before reading so I was like father of the yeah award goes to and then I got to the part about beating and said jimmy smith in California?!?
iamagirlsowhat iamagirlsowhat Jul 05, 2015
4'6? really author? even moises airas 5'1 and that is so short for a guy his age......... i guess
TheBroken_Hipster TheBroken_Hipster Mar 16, 2015
This is brilliant! I'm so glad I found your works, all of them so far are just brilliant! I think I might get hooked on this one :)