Be Mine

Be Mine

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Elevia had no idea that that simply stealing a piece of bread would cause to be there, tied up to a tree and left to die in the snow, slowly freezing to death.

But she didn't know either that that cold night, a meteorite would flash across the sky, spreading rays of a blinding light everywhere.

And neither did she knew that the next second, she would find herself in the strong arms of this mythical creature whispering soft words. 

Words that she never ever could forget.

"You are safe now, with me"

petite98 petite98 May 06
This Is really interesting I read your other stories they are really good.
ellieerose_ ellieerose_ Jan 19, 2015
Another great chapter! Can't wait to keep writing. I wonder what the comet actually is, or if it is even a comet...
ellieerose_ ellieerose_ Jan 18, 2015
Great start! I love your way with words and the descriptions. It sounds like it will be an interesting story. I will continue reading when I have a chance. It will take me a while to finish this, as I am already reading three other books and writing 1000 words per day, but I am thrilled to continue
- - Jan 17, 2015
OMG wow. This is actually so good. 
                              Can't wait to see you soon :)
Dyalanidepika Dyalanidepika Dec 25, 2014
U are so damn amazing!!!!!!!! I love  his chapter! Well done sweetie!
- - Dec 20, 2014
@miriam-angge hmmmmmmmmm someone else than her parents. Guess waoooooooooo ooohh? ??????