Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1]

Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1]

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What is they say about curiosity? It killed the cat?

Well, in this case, curiosity almost kills the Carter.

Several times.

Carter Conners was a magnet for trouble, if she didn't actively seek it, then it would probably find her one way or another. It was a miracle she hadn't been arrested. 

But that didn't matter, because she still managed to find herself with a one-way ticket to a planet that had been marinating in radiation for 97 years. Now just throw in some uncontrollable delinquents, a tyrant with a track record of an asshole, and a few native inhabitants of Earth that want them dead and what do you have?

Chaos. You have utter chaos. 
Maybe a little anarchy too.

And just when Carter thought it couldn't get any worse, it did, because this was her. Survival of the fittest meant everything, and Carter learned that the hard way.

They might say curiosity killed the cat, but they always seem to forget that satisfaction brought it back.




WARNING: Expletives, violence, Bellamy with his top off, death-- you know the drill.


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Snishea Snishea Nov 05
I’m only on season 1 and I’m starting to kinda ship Bellarke
softbravery softbravery 7 days ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t want Bellarke to be endgame? I’m so tired of the main girl and boy character ALWAYS ending up together. Why can’t a boy and girl just be friend soulmates FOR ONCE? Would honestly love for the 100 to be original and make Bell and Clarke end up with other people.
Snishea Snishea Nov 05
I love slow story but I don't like those stories that take like 100 chapters for them to confess 50 chapters later they kiss and like 200 chapters later they are having sex 😂😂😂😂
4llyxox 4llyxox Oct 13
I love a slow burn, but waiting 5 seasons for bellarke is too much
is it gonna be a slower burn than bellarke because i don't think i can handle it if it is
softbravery softbravery 7 days ago
I’m Belgian and Flemish sounds a lot like Scandinavian languages so I’m just gonna pretend she’s actually speaking Flemish