Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1]

Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1]

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What is they say about curiosity? It killed the cat?

Well, in this case, curiosity almost kills the Carter.

Several times.

Carter Conners was a magnet for trouble, if she didn't actively seek it, then it would probably find her one way or another. It was a miracle she hadn't been arrested. 

But that didn't matter, because she still managed to find herself with a one-way ticket to a planet that had been marinating in radiation for 97 years. Now just throw in some uncontrollable delinquents, a tyrant with a track record of an asshole, and a few native inhabitants of Earth that want them dead and what do you have?

Chaos. You have utter chaos. 
Maybe a little anarchy too.

And just when Carter thought it couldn't get any worse, it did, because this was her. Survival of the fittest meant everything, and Carter learned that the hard way.

They might say curiosity killed the cat, but they always seem to forget that satisfaction brought it back.



WARNING: Expletives, violence, Bellamy with his top off, death-- you know the drill.


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FoxesForMe FoxesForMe Nov 29, 2017
I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I walked though the exit door of Walmart.
bellsangels bellsangels Dec 31, 2017
bellsangels bellsangels Dec 31, 2017
Well I'll have you know the first time I smoked weed I was walking with my friends down the street and I walked on the edge of the gutter
arrowsavanh arrowsavanh Nov 25, 2017
I KNOW, I'VE REREAD FOR THE 20TH TIME AND IT'S BECAUSE MY bby Carter yahs my love ❤❤❤❤
im so excited, especially for the slowburn, a lot of fanfics i read get them tgthr within like 8 chapters and im like “this is a great story i love it but that isnt realistic, bellamy isnt like that”
notyourbb notyourbb Dec 20, 2017
LOL this could end up being the worst fic ever and I’d still love it just bc of that