The Merryweather Jewel Thefts.

The Merryweather Jewel Thefts.

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Can a diamond ring really disappear from a table into thin air? How can it be possible for an emerald necklace to vanish from a locked safe, the code of which only the owner knows? And how on earth does a ruby bracelet disappear from a lady's wrist while she is eating dinner? These are all questions Alianna Winter must answer, if she is to solve the mystery of the Merryweather Jewel Thefts. But, as Allie fully knows, nothing is ever as straightforward as it first appears.

  -The second book in the Alianna Winter series.
Her earlier cases:
1.Death  At Scarlet Leaf
Her later cases:
3.A House On The Hill
4.Murder Is At Hand
5. The Incident Concerning The Alsatian Dog     
6. At The Plaza Majestic
7.Madame Juror
8.A Murder Shall Commence
9.The Impossible Poisoning
10.The Final Endgame

The Toby Smart Spin-offs:
What Makes A Detective
What Breaks A Detective

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Blitch Blitch Mar 22, 2017
I can't say I'm proud of myself for deciding to read the entire Aliana Winters series two days before a very important exam but what the hell right
Kandy_Kane123 Kandy_Kane123 Jan 03, 2017
"And now ladies and gentlemen, we present to you...the female version of Sherlock Holmes!!!"
lydia_McVanilla lydia_McVanilla Oct 09, 2016
The girl could easily pass the test of the next sherlock holmes
AnnibelLovely AnnibelLovely Feb 29, 2016
I really love how the books Allie reads are related to the cases she's solving in real life! When you wrote the passages from her books, were you thinking Holmes and Watson? Or Poirot and Hastings?
rainepetals rainepetals Dec 24, 2015
I love Allie's new dress.
                              I imagine it must be nice on her. :)
rainepetals rainepetals Dec 24, 2015
I just realized that the series Allie's reading might be a hint as to what the books' going to be about.  Or a connection to what she's going to try solving.