A True Samurai - Naruto Fanfiction (discontinued)

A True Samurai - Naruto Fanfiction (discontinued)

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Kimiko Hozuki. She was found in the Land of Iron as a baby, with only a note explaining who she was. From then on, her guardian and the Leader of the samurai, Mifune, trained her to become the best of the best.

Soon Kimiko is requested to protect the knuckleheaded ninja and emo prince. Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke! Stuck on a team with a fangirl, emo-kid and a hyperactive loudmouth, could her team be more annoying? Oh wait they added a pervert in to the mix too...

animecutylover animecutylover Mar 26, 2016
                              Poor woman!
                              It's Orochimaru again, isn't it?
                              Always interfering.
Sweet_Girl4321 Sweet_Girl4321 Jun 08, 2016
OROCHIMARU.............*sleep on the couch* orochimaru.................stupid
rukiableach rukiableach Jan 24, 2016
Orochimaru again.... Sighs. He just can't stop being a pedophile
jjsuperpunch jjsuperpunch Oct 17, 2015
Kishimoto once got his head stuck in a replica of Naruto's frog pouch.
janice312014 janice312014 Oct 07, 2015
Well...That's cold.
                              Oh and by the way who's her lover in this story?
                              Better not be Naruto because he belongs to Hinata Hyuuga!
animecutylover animecutylover Sep 06, 2015
Poor Kimiko. Her mom had to leave her in another's care because of Orochimaru chasing her!