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Sewing Needles

Sewing Needles

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Miss Wanna-Die By GetAlongShirt Completed

He had been in the asylum for years. He couldn't remember how many anymore. He lost count after five. 
He enjoyed his cell for most of the time and only left it for meals or when the rest of the patients were in theirs'. It was clean enough to his liking and if it wasn't, he could clean it himself. 
Never having visitors didn't effect him in the least. He never liked people anyways. He was locked up here, because of people. 
It wasn't their fault. No. It was his. He was obsessed. Obsessed, with pain. Obsessed with inflicting pain onto others. And his favorite way, was to sew their mouths shut.
The new guy was like him. Same, but different. He had his own cell, and an obsession with inflicting pain onto others. But he was social. He always wanted to be with other people.

I do not own Attack on Titan or any of the characters from the anime/manga.

Levik1k1 Levik1k1 Apr 21
Is this a reference to Levi's squad?? (Including eren and levi) there are five men and one female.... or I'm I just reading into it too much? XD
Levik1k1 Levik1k1 Apr 21
Hashtag relatable am I right *holds hand awkwardly in the air for a high five..... awkward laughter*
Umm I would think that would be life imprisonment but meh -_-
hotkookies hotkookies Aug 07, 2016
I'm realizing again how fûcked up poor Mikasa's life has been at least family wise aw
PierceMyKellic PierceMyKellic Aug 17, 2016 were marrying a glad that's all you got...