The Neko Is Mine (BoyxBoy)

The Neko Is Mine (BoyxBoy)

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moonlight__wolf By moonlight__wolf Updated Apr 20, 2017

Daniel is alpha of the Shadow Fang pack and has been since his father was severally injured in a rogue attack; leaving him to take over as alpha at the age of seventeen. Now that he's eighteen he's on the hunt for his mate, and with the high school he and his pack mates were attending being closed for repairs from the senior prank the juniors helped out with the year before; so for his senior year his pack is transferred over to a school in the next town over, however in their neighboring pack's territory.

Alex is a small boy at the height of 5'4, with feminine features to go along with that. The only thing that makes him stand out from everybody else at his school is that he's a Neko. He's never met any other Nekos other than himself and he's never met any other werewolf other than his father, though unknowingly so, as from living a sheltered life. His junior year is just about to start, as his world stays sheltered.

What happens when the alpha meets the Neko?

Will Alex's sheltered life expand so he sees other horizons or will his mother make sure his life stays sheltered and closed off?

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Lynnjanuary Lynnjanuary May 10, 2017
dude, same! my school only has two floors and sometimes i take breaks halfway up the stairs. i think it genetic cuz my brother does the same despite  being an athlete
Nadertm Nadertm Jun 17, 2017
So my question to you dear author, since this is only the second neko story I've ever read, is shifting something specific to your story. Or is it just part of the whole being a neko and what not
Kitty91803 Kitty91803 Jul 18, 2017
Same. I do that all the time. The most awkward times are when you space out when looking at someone's face...
Clear_The_Robot Clear_The_Robot Jan 23, 2017
*steals shoe* its all mine now..MWAHAHAHHAHAH *whale noises*
genaroruiz000 genaroruiz000 Dec 14, 2016
Wait why would he tell the whole class that he's a Neko? Isn't supposed to be a secret?