Exorcisms: The Guide To Knowing Evil (On Hold)

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Jordan Hanley By TheUltimateFatMan Updated 3 years ago
Stepping inside that room was like stepping into a pit of darkness full of shadow demon's and murderous spirits. The moment the door opened a chill, brushed against my leg and gently crawled up my spine.
    Looking at that boy I felt a sense of sheer terror rising deep within my soul. I stroked the long end of my silver cross with my right hand. My bible firmly pressed against my breast with my left hand. I closed my eyes and prayed to the lord to keep me safe and guide me through the pathways of evil.
    I opened my eyes and draw my focus to the afflicted boy. I took a step towards him, his body began to flinch and shake as a soft gurgling moan came out of his mouth. I took another step forward, holding my cross even tighter, feeling the power of the almighty guiding my hands and my soul to face the darkness.
    Another step towards the bed and the soft gurgling moan turned to low baritone chuckling as the boy's eye's were shut tight. Another step, I saw the sweat dripping from his brow as his eye's are clenched together as if shielding them from harm.
    One more step and I reached the edge of the bed. The boy's eyes opened quickly as his head jerks up. His hands and feet tightly strapped to the frame of the large bed. His eye's were as red as a blazing fire as he looked out. I felt his gaze into my heart, searching my soul for darkness. The corners of his mouth slowly raising to form a sinister smile. I realized he's not looking at me...
really awesome.  i love it from the child's point of view! just fantastic! so well done!
I love this! You didn't scare me though. It takes A LOT to scare me!