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Nora Rashid By NoraGrande Completed

"I only married you because I feel sorry for you! Now, get out of my life and never come back." 

Join Melissa Evans, a 17 year old girl that came from a very poor family, going through her life after meeting a stranger whom is a billionaire at a random party that her friend, or should I say her only best friend, Olivia Nivans, forced her to go.. Just to get rid of her fucked-up life after she broke up with her boyfriend during their 2 years relationship anniversary.


Kaylah- Kaylah- Aug 13
Why u crying 👀 u have people watching so not like u gonna get raped
jummz_a jummz_a Apr 10
Woah there, that's cold and ruthless man.. but yh you're a douche
tammykay715 tammykay715 Apr 23
He dates her for two freaking years and decides now he can't date her because she's a poor girl? Seriously ? Scumbag!
Kaylah- Kaylah- Aug 13
Uh ... Ok well I got a hot billionaire waiting for me so 😁😁 see ya!
kay_haines kay_haines Sep 18
I love your story so much! can you please check out my story and maybe suggest it to other people!?
Kaylah- Kaylah- Aug 13
I really hope they BOTH regret it the next day bc 
                              1) she too young 
                              2) ITS TOO DAMN FAST LIKE OK