once upon an erotica

once upon an erotica

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shelby By shelbybean Updated Jan 19, 2016

We walk to the bed room. That's when I lay her down on my plushy queen size bed and I lift up the bottom of her shirt and start to slowly kiss her stomach. At the same time I'm teasing her as I slowly lick her stomach from her belly bottom up a bit to about her mid waist and by now she's moaning and moving her legs back and fourth as shes pulling then and stretching them out. I start too move up her body as I'm kissing her continuously from all areas around her perfect little stomach I reach the top of her boobs and kiss both of them a couple times equally and I move up to her neck and by now she's curling her toes. Turning her neck back and fourth moving her legs and moaning as well. Now I grab her hands that were clenched on the bed and force them to my back and I tell her "claw my back. Dig your nails as much a you need to. Matter of fact dig in as hard as you can. Make it bleed. I want to see red or skin on those nails after I'm finished with you"

This is the point where I start t...

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