How We Were

How We Were

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Trapped in her white trash hell, Layla Danner is failing at life. 

Her friend Peyton? Everybody thinks he's perfect, a staggeringly rich, handsome, and well-mannered story book prince. But they don't know what Layla knows. And she'll never tell. 
Jake? Jake's trouble. A down and dirty charmer, this one's got a devil-may-care attitude and a mouth to match. And everything goes to hell in a handbasket when he shows up to town one summer. 
Layla never meant to fall in love. All she wanted to do was finish her senior year, get the hell out of this town and never, ever look back. 

But when mysterious secrets from the boys' past refuses to stay buried, Layla must decide how far she'll go to keep a once in a lifetime love. 

Follow three unforgettable characters in this captivatingly melodramatic, soap-operatic, and larger-than-life tale of first loves, loyalty, intrigue and the magic of growing up. 

♦️WARNING: This writer is a hopeless romantic with a filthy mouth and a dirty mind who loves to re-work cliches. The style of the story reflects this. Also, some dark themes. You have been warned. ♦️

I literally saw the tires being crunched by the gravel.  I loved this
MelodyHall MelodyHall Nov 13
Same sentiments, girl. Both broke and want to be educators, whatdya know. Lol
For some reason you using the word save made me think about my writing.  😆😆
IcieCold IcieCold Oct 20
A date?? Or are they just really good friends? Cuz people think hm and my best friend are lesbians all the time. I've  known her for 17 and a half years ppl
What???  Can he just give me like 1/4 of that.... My problems will be solved for eternity
lastjanuary lastjanuary Nov 13
Aww, Peyton's cute. But this new guy, if Peyton's worried, then something's gonna happen soon. And I do not like that.