The Emo Girl Kissed Me? (girlxgirl)

The Emo Girl Kissed Me? (girlxgirl)

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Have you ever felt like an outcast? Like you don't fit into a school full of cliché cliques? 

Ashley Black definitely had. That was, until one crazy lunch time changed her life forever. 

When Ashley sat down on the only empty table left in the cafeteria, she expected to be ignored like every other day. She definitely hadn't anticipated on the entire 'emo' crowd joining her and introducing themselves like she wasn't the outcast she always thought she was. 

What comes with these new set of friends however, bring a part of her she never wanted released. 

Ashley Black has been fighting with her sexuality since the day she hit puberty. So far, she had successfully managed to keep it trapped inside her, locked away for nobody else to see.

But what happens when she meets the high school famous, 'emo' girl, Skylar Rice? 

Will she be able to handle the added pressure of keeping her secret? Or will she accept her new found attraction to this purple haired girl?

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I don't know what Three Days Grace is but I agree with her... Justin Bieber is a total disgrace to music.
I can't breathe. I'm just so in love with Kellin and SWS and this song that I'm kind of finding it hard to remember how to suck in oxygen and release carbon dioxide in a reasonable fashion, one that would not make my chances of survival from the fangirl attack Ian experiencing very dim.
She probably just wants her to be alone so she can seem like the good friend and have her continue being the loner
twoshawn3 twoshawn3 3 days ago
Is music is not that bad, but I only like sorry and cold water
*Is reading while listening to Over and Over by Three Days Grace, clears throat and awkwardly shifts away* What? I'm not blasting music over here