Promises •3rd book

Promises •3rd book

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Samantha Webb By Sammyiams Completed

Five years almost six has passed since that night. I don't know if I regretted it or not, but now I was happy with what I had. In the inside I would think back to that night when he looked at me and asked me "Do you want me to leave forever?" Do I still love Johnson once we cross paths again or was that the past?

~Dec 24th I'll start updating 
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kate_jaclyn kate_jaclyn Mar 26, 2016
                              Jk I just needed to add some diversity like what's with all the 'yes's like come on there has to be like one jerk to say no
                              Sorry I'll leave now 😂
MariamRadwan MariamRadwan Oct 10, 2015
Sarah and Johnson getting back together and he'll propose❤️
mythicaIhemmo mythicaIhemmo Aug 17, 2015
Jacks, Sarah, Brian and Sam but Matt was really cute when he was in it being the Dino he is so I guess Matt too :-)
ohwonderer ohwonderer Jul 11, 2015
Sarah and Johnson better get back together! Jk these books are awsome
Samantha_Marie_Crane Samantha_Marie_Crane May 18, 2015
Matt! Sorry he's like barely in this story but I love him and when he is in it he is sooooo sweet!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
torie_wiest_01 torie_wiest_01 Dec 20, 2014
I loved the first two books and now I'm really excited for this book!! You are an amazing author!