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someonesnightmare By someonesnightmare Updated May 10, 2016

Being mates to the same gender in the werewolf community is rare, but when it happens, from what I've heard through the stories, is that the bond is much stronger than any other bond. So you can expect when I found my mate the bond I have to her would be amazing and strong as hell. Well, that's where you would be wrong. 

My name Lacey Kingston, daughter of the alpha of the Moon Pack, of course with my brother Andrew being the soon to he Alpha I was pretty much just as popular as him. I'm not going to lie, I can be a bitch and disrespectful to people below me, so that could be the reason to why when I found my mate Emily Adams that she wouldn't be to happy about it.

"Come on Em, It can't be that bad." My fingers go up and down her arm, the sparks igniting on my skin. She shivers. 

"You're right Lacey, it's worse." With that Emily moves her body away from mine, my heart going into a frenzy. 

The only thought running through my head? Rejection

AreYouKiddingMe1518 AreYouKiddingMe1518 Mar 17, 2016
The lady:That'll be $9.75
                              Her: here's $10 keep the change
                              *car drives off*
                              The lady: bitch..
Twonye Twonye Aug 19, 2016
This probably sounds like a very random thing to say but....YAY I'm the 365th voter!
deathlessly deathlessly May 23, 2016
Maybe this chapter should've been entitled 'Dirty Minds and Mud Pies' 😐😂😂
loling-allnight-long loling-allnight-long Oct 13, 2015
My friends. . .except they just be plain out wrong. . .but i go along
loling-allnight-long loling-allnight-long Oct 13, 2015
How i would love to hear this but its like SO HARD to admit it
-_DontTell_- -_DontTell_- Aug 05, 2015
let it goooo,let it gooooo,can't hold it back anymore!!!! sorry I couldn't help it :D