Where the Wild Things Are - Book Two

Where the Wild Things Are - Book Two

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Ruth By thethornsofmylife Updated Nov 21, 2012

Book Two in the Soul Seeker Series.

Sammuel Asvardson is one badass supernatural creature with a past filled with dark secrets and an irrational fear for wolves; with reason. While Sapphire Raquel is the odd one out in her pack because of her silvery white fur and the curse that runs in her blood. 

She wants out, out of her pack and out of her cursed life and somehow her plea for help has found it's way to Nathaniel Flynn. He's send help in the form of Sammuel who's unaware of this task. But can and will this once ancient Scandinavian Deity save her when he finds out? Or is he the one that needs to be saved?

  • abuse
  • awkward
  • blame
  • bruises
  • chain
  • chained
  • deity
  • different
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • freya
  • kidnap
  • love
  • meeting
  • moon
  • night
  • romance
  • run
  • sad
  • sammuel
  • soulmate
  • soulseeker
  • territory
  • titan
  • trap
  • trapped
  • tyr
  • werewolf
  • white
  • wolf
Ilovchocolate Ilovchocolate Sep 29, 2016
hmm... so this is like Sammuel's story.. cool, I wonder what a Titan could have in his past.. and future...
                              very intrigued.. on to the next page!
slimie19 slimie19 Jul 01, 2016
2016 is a long time from 2012 hope you're okay, hope the reason you haven't completed the book isn't out of your control, great book
CrystalPerry7 CrystalPerry7 Jul 29, 2015
I really loved the first book in this series.  But I noticed that you haven't updated this book since 2012. Before I get hooked in this book,  I'd like to know if you even plan on finishing thi $ book?  if not there's no need for me to read it.
scratchmybutt2169 scratchmybutt2169 Apr 24, 2014
i love this book/series so PLEASE update!! im running out of space on my phone and i really dont want to delete this but ive been waiting FOREVER for an update!
kissing_the_rain kissing_the_rain Jan 28, 2014
Hi! I absolutely love the Soul Seeker Series, but I was wondering.... When are u going 2 complete this story? It's been ages, please update it as soon as you can. Please. Thank you! Can't wait 2 read the rest of the book once it's updated!!!
sweetvictory7701 sweetvictory7701 Oct 31, 2013
Is this Samuel point of view now because I don't like it can you please put Amelia and Nathaniel point of view please