My Twin Alpha Mates

My Twin Alpha Mates

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--Currently under slight construction to prepare for the 2017 Watty's--
//edited to chapter 7//

"History has a way of repeating itself, doesn't it little Julie?"

 In which a girl has  not only one mate, but two. How can she ever handle it? Running from her dark past is hard enough, let alone adding two alphas who want to love her into the mix. How will she deal with it all?

"You're ours, babydoll."

//mature and trigger warning. this is a menage story and not for the faint of heart. enjoy my loves.//

Using your alpha command to have sex with a girl is like a human putting a roofie in someone's drink smhhh. Just sick dude.
Elizaema Elizaema Apr 30
It was a good start. I enjoyed the little hint of humour you added throughout it. Well done :)
yazzie0821 yazzie0821 Aug 12
Mann I want a photographic memory it make my life in school so much easier
Eidetic memory is remembering everything you read it hear and  photographic memory is remembering everything you see.
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