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"Now who is gonna wash the dishes?" She looked at me, since she cooked and carried burdens for me. I think washing the dishes is not that bad.
  "Do you have an extra shirt?" I asked, well, I don't think a shirt of her would fit me,
  "Oh I do," She came to her room and handed me a t-shirt, it was a t-shirt for men, why does she have one, and whose is this?
  "Whose shirt is this? Do you have a boyfriend?" I was taken back as I look at the shirt, seriously?
  "Oh, I do. He's gone to France and since I just felt I needed someone's company I thought of you" I cannot determine if she's teasing or telling the truth!
  "Oh, really?" I removed my long sleeves in a little stripping way, and I saw her body stiffen. I walked towards her and she stepped backward, but she got stocked and bumped into her own book rack.
  "Yes r-really" I looked directly into her eye, making sure not to loose eye contact, I cupped her face, and I kissed her with so much anticipation, when I knew she's enjoying it, I stopped and look at her.
  "Then break up with him, you are mine, only mine, and those lips are only mine, your looks and even your strawberry sent." I demanded! I feel so demanding! Protective as if she was mine! I wanted her to be mine!
  "Well then my body is his" she said while looking down to her foot, Is she really pissing me off? I raised her face and I'd have to let her know that she is mine,
  "No, Vella. This, you, your body the whole you is mine, you understand that?"
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AlineStewart AlineStewart Aug 29, 2015
Great love how you explain about the girl love the description.
nemar1234 nemar1234 Apr 19, 2015
The chapter was very well detailed ..but it felt a little dry .. maybe a little humour would do good ..i am not trying to insult you , please don't take my comment in a negative way .
- - Jan 07, 2015
I like her personality, she doesn't sound cliche (yay, thank god for that) and she lives her life
hydrophilickath16 hydrophilickath16 Oct 30, 2014
You are amazing guys! Thanks to the first 150 readers who checked my work out hihi. and the 4 votes <3 :)
hydrophilickath16 hydrophilickath16 Oct 29, 2014
THANKYOU TO THE FIRST 100 readers who checked my work :3 <3 you make me happy guuys <3 :) keep reading!
hydrophilickath16 hydrophilickath16 Oct 28, 2014
To the first 30 people who checked my story out, and that one person who voted, and those who are reading it continuously , Thank you very much. :) Keep reading <3