Racing with the bad boy

Racing with the bad boy

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Shannon Sally By ShannonBooth3 Completed

Amelia Banks isn't your typical girl, knowing all there's is to know about cars, racing and mechanics can make someone an outcast. Despite all of that she loves to dance, which makes her mum happy in the fact that her daughter isn't a complete boy at heart. Amelia's two best friends have personality in bucket loads, so why is her and her friends existence ignored in school? Her next door neighbour Ollie Turner couldn't be anymore different, he has the hearts of every girl in school apart from Amelia and her friends. So what happens when Ollie finally notices her and they get put in the same mechanical engineering class together? Throw in illegal racing, lots of trouble, road trips and love? Could it be a total disaster or a miracle?

"What?" I ask him.

 "why are you here?" He questions. 

"I'm I'm this class, this is my other class I was telling you about on Saturday, oh do you remember Saturday? When we hung out and spoke all night, oh I guess not, since we're not friends" I spat at him. 

A flash of hurt appears in his eyes. "Look I'm sorry, the boys wanted to speak to you guys today but I thought you'd be better off without us" what did he mean? That made no sense. 

"Save it, you knew we'd ruin your reputation since we're outcasts and you're popular and all" he raked a hand through his hair at my statement.

"Look, it was scary how fast we got along, it took me months to befriend the lads and with you... and the girls, it was so easy, I won't lie though I wasn't sure how people would react if we hung out but then I realise none of them people mean anything to me, they're nobodies"

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343_drift_force 343_drift_force Oct 07, 2017
How much money does her family have that's no birthday present that's a dream! For my 18th birthday I get a trip to the import salvage.
Oh that Ollie! Amelia reminds me of me! 😂 seriously, I love cars more than prissy dresses! No offense to people who wear dresses! I don't like dresses or skirts!
TRU3ST0N318 TRU3ST0N318 Mar 18, 2016
That is really awesome! I can't wait till I can read the rest
kelish5 kelish5 Feb 29, 2016
It was good writing and I think i am hooked. I agree not the best chapter though
castawho castawho May 07, 2016
Lmao I'm into motorcycles more than cars but I still wanted to read this story.
                              I love going to the "secret" drag racing meet ups in San Francisco 
                              I have a nissan 240sx coupe s13 (:
castawho castawho May 07, 2016
Oh hell nah.
                              Please tell me his aśš didn't just say that bullshït