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mixed // zayn centric

mixed // zayn centric

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Avery Mae By 1dbandobsessed Updated Oct 12, 2016

"Daddy why can't I go to school with the other kids?"Zayn pouted.
"Because cupcake, there are bad people out there." His father tried to explain to him for the hundredth time.
"B-But Niall and Liam get to go! Why not me!?" He whined loudly, stomping his little six-year-old foot.
"Look baby, you're just..." He pondered for a moment to think of the appropriate word. "...very special."
"You're special too Daddy!" Zayn giggled, his eyes crinkling at the edges while his mood took a quick 360 turn. 
"Thank you cupcake, but that's not exactly what I mean. You see, there are people out there who want you for themselves. They're not nice people, and they won't treat you right, okay?"
Zayn nodded, even though he had no idea what that meant. 
He'll find out soon.
zianourry fanfiction // zayn centric

-justfantrash -justfantrash Apr 07, 2016
Don't they have mind link so they can hear and talk to each other
migranejoshler migranejoshler Mar 04, 2016
Queen_G2901 Queen_G2901 Aug 12, 2016
2 types of people in this world who take that sentence two different ways. Not gonna lie I took it the wrong way.
Queen_G2901 Queen_G2901 Aug 12, 2016
Did they disown him and not give him their last name???? How rude!
-justfantrash -justfantrash Apr 07, 2016
I swear by the time I scroll down I'll be killed by the cuteness overloa
allthelove_xoxo allthelove_xoxo Nov 27, 2014
oh no zaynie!!! don't gimme that puppy eyes!!!! I'm dying!!!!