Tokyo Ghoul: Elusive Darkness

Tokyo Ghoul: Elusive Darkness

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Aphra Operalus By Tetsuya_Kimura Updated Sep 13, 2015

With one wrong move, one unforgettable past, one path of hatred, a lost heart, the lost of all love, it lead her into the world she expected. Oshitari Rena, a genius with the physical capability of a ghoul had graduated and became an investigator at an age that even Arima Kishou had to be surprised.  

But that would lead her to meet her childhood friend, the only one who had seen her as a human. 

Then it began, the path of a love meant to exist for.... elimination.

Kaneki x OC

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TG_Fan_Nekocriza TG_Fan_Nekocriza Apr 05, 2017
You know, whoever the writer is there is just one thing wrong with the introductions. That's it the Ocs were made like this in roleplay form
                              If you didn't make this,
                              I guess this would have been greater than it already is...
Devorr Devorr Aug 16, 2017
I'm probably the only one thinking like this, but that's kinda short. I'm 13 and 160cm
TrashyAsFuck9784 TrashyAsFuck9784 Jan 24, 2017
OH dear lord , it's Rena. That girl is soooo creepy. If you have seen Higurashi no naku  Kuro ni, props to you.
_deathreaper_ _deathreaper_ Jun 18, 2016
I don't even know how tall I am but one thing I know is I'm shorter then everyone ._. So I'm pretty short shorter then 5ft maybe 4'10? I dont know if there's a 10😂😂
--Born2Die-- --Born2Die-- Dec 16, 2015
I read gay And I was just like:
                              "that is not a colour..unless gay has a secret colour or something.." ;-;
BalladPhoenix BalladPhoenix May 25, 2015
It would've been better if you revealed the OCs through writing instead of making a description but oh well.
                              Great first chap~