This is, so to say, the first book I ever wrote and finished here on wattpad. I found about wattpad around three years ago and I don't regret a single step I've made ever since. I do not come from wealthy family and one time, my mom was diagnosed with cancer (she's alright, don't worry). At those moments, I was afraid and began to think of how to deal with it. 

Somehow, with that as my setting stone, inspiration for this book has been created.

I started writing it two years ago. It was quite a mess back then, I was by no means a writer nor experienced at that matter. I still remebered comments, votes and messages I got from my readers, how shady and full of typos my first draft was and how close I was to giving up. This book has been edited around 10 times since then and it finally became what it is at the moment. And even now, as it gets more and more readers I get feedback from, I'm happy. Happy that there are people out there reading my stuff. 

So thank you from choosing this boo...

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honey5124 honey5124 Sep 08
Hurricane Irma will hit me in two days and when I walked outside it was so peaceful, I thought about that quote
U surely deserve more than anything the best of all things....😊😉👍👍👍👌
user05050 user05050 Sep 13
                              many chapters are not available. it takes you Midway through the story and then it tells you to buy the book on amazon to finish it. 
                              I wish I checked before starting because now I've just wasted my time.
                              You have been warned.
SunkissRose SunkissRose Aug 30
Your most welcome....but most of all , all thanks should go to you dir writing this incredible books for us readers to read an enjoy
SunkissRose SunkissRose Aug 30
I really loved the snow although i have never feeled or touch the snow because snow don't fall in my country but I'm going on vocation where snow falls an i can't wait lol
SunkissRose SunkissRose Aug 30
Hmmm i never seen snow mostly rain because snow don't fall in my country😭😌