One Night Stand with Billionaire: BOOK 1

One Night Stand with Billionaire: BOOK 1

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Ayla D. Viktoreva (Mad Lady) By WhiteSwordsman01 Completed

FINISHED BUT UNDER MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR EDITING in preparation for publishing

Like; plot will be too fast in some chapters, I'm fixing that at the moment, so be patient.


There were girls that would one way or another have one night stand for fun. Kaley wasn't one of them, her reasons behind that fateful night were caused by completely different matter. Two years after the car accident when she lost her parents, Kaley had no one but her little brother to cling onto, but when is even that little hope of her last family member threatened with life or death situation, Kaley was ready to do everything to save him - even have one night stand with a complete stranger for money to pay the surgery.

Blake was different from Kaley in every single sense, social status, image, opinion and success - but unlike Kaley, he didn't know the true joy of life. She woke something in him, something he never believed to be able to feel and couldn't get her off her mind. Not knowing the reason behind her need for money, he was ready to pay to spend a night with her.

To Kaley, he was something strange, he ignited the feelings she was long used to hiding. With him, she couldn't be numb, whatever she did - he was always a step before her. Wherever she ran - he'd follow. And even if that meant that he'll have to follow after her for the rest of his life.

_KyloRen _KyloRen Nov 26
i'm thinking of them raising their fists like in the breakfast club 😂
I really hope they'll fall while they're skiing in aspen and break their hips....  Awful awful aunts!
Ash_the_Smash95 Ash_the_Smash95 5 days ago
I work in fast food and some customers treat you worse then the gum on the bottom of their shoe 😒
A lunch lady told this to a kid at my school and then she ended with "I'm not gonna do anything, but just so you know"
Guardians are allowed to stay past visiting hours when I was in hospital at that age my mum slept in the chair beside my bed
Cherylcrentsil Cherylcrentsil 7 days ago