[PUBLISHED💪] Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1

[PUBLISHED💪] Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1

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Pandora's box has opened and hell has broken loose. Unfortunately for Valeriana Kerrigan, she had the front seat at the cutting of the ribbon. Now, she's deep in cow dung-or rather, under the claws of a demon. Fortunately, she is saved by the skin of her throat by a sword-wielding woman who claims to be from another world. And that's just the appetizer. 

For the entrée, apparently, is entering Pandora's box itself-which she later finds out is called Valemnia. With Earth potentially being involved in Valemnia's pesky pest problem, Valeriana is unable to take a neutral stance. Leaving the busy streets of modern-day Boston, albeit unwillingly, she takes a plunge to brave a whole new world in the most literal sense-one which mirrors hers with a dash of surrealism, beasts, demons, and even locals who wield the elements like second nature. 

Despite the minor setbacks (and being human), she is confronted by a path she cannot hope to never take: pick up arms, survive eight years in an academy as a knight-in-training, and help push back the demons plaguing Valemnia. However, to do so, she may just have to let go of her humanity.

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firey_passion firey_passion Oct 20, 2017
Oooooohhhhhhhh more in this series. I've only now started and am getting EXCITED!!!!!!♡♡♡
Aussie1305 Aussie1305 Jul 21, 2017
Re-readeeerrr I started reading ages ago when you started and you've come so far it's simply amazing ❤️❤️
babbyxyla_bree babbyxyla_bree 2 days ago
Im rereading the series of celeste academy series huhuhuhuhuhu the old one i mean draft are the i will love but since u my lovely author i will like it and then love it!!
dracofairy dracofairy Oct 23, 2017
Coming back to this series after a long hiatus from wattpad, so glad there are many more books in the series!
Just hide in a closer.
                              *pulls him in a closet.*
                              Wanna play cards?
THERE IS SIX BOOKS IN THIS SERIES?!?! I better buckle up then...