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"If I will be born again I want to meet you the second time around and maybe, just maybe, it will be happy ever after." - Luciana Shiranui
 A hidden society beneath the busy streets of Metropolis lays under the scorching land of regular citizens, there a capital city stood. A city for the people not welcomed; a city for the misfits; and a city for the darker ones. Among the citizens in the said city is a woman with burning crimson orbs molded for destruction, hungry for vengeance. She stood among the crowd with a piercing gaze towards another set of darkened orbs. Those peaceful days were long over. As the greed between two great houses grew worse each day, a love in a midst of war bloomed.
Blood watered their love. Sorrow filled their hearts. Cruelty coated their last piece of sanity. Anguish tainted their humanity. The humming of death grew louder as two hearts with a rival blood formed as one. A new era has yet to begin as battles await for them. 
Can they change their fate?
Or will fate change them?

"Hands-up! :) your story was great and sobrang ganda and basta hands-up talaga, hahahaha" - @AngelCabarles23

"ganda talaga 😍😍 thanks for writing this story po 😉 . Still reading pa po ako sa book 2 nito ." - @AURA942

"This story is awesome....." - @MarvinGregorio3

"See you sa book 2 ms.A. Grabe tong book 1 as what I expected sa umpisa palang through curiosity mahu-hook ka talaga eh. Kinilig, na-excite, and last yung naiyak ka ng walang humpay yung iyak na ramdam mo yung emotions ng character nila lucy at kiel. Thank you ms.A. You fed my imaginations much wider." - @mhElaYniE

"Ibang klase!!! Ang astig!!! Thank you for such a wonderful story!!! Kudos!! 😊😊😊" - @happy_contented 
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This story deserves to be publish like ASAP .. Hindi siya stereotype
HeiressGoddess HeiressGoddess Nov 23, 2017
Bakit alaw comment here? 😂😂😂 
                              11-23-17 😘😘😘
SaikaWP SaikaWP Jan 20
Magkamovie sana to same sa mga  movie series ng America ang ganda e