tattoos // lashton

tattoos // lashton

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j By malek-1981 Updated Jul 05, 2017

"It's all just a game until you say a sentence that a stranger recognizes."

warnings: triggering. swearing, anxiety, suicide, self-harm, and depression.

trailer:   [[ @JeanChanty ]]

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  • selfharm
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pansexualjizz pansexualjizz May 13, 2016
SO MOTIVATIONAL lmao if i had that id use it as a horrible excuse to not do anything
                              Someone: *tells me to do something*
                              me: "wait lemme ask my soumate first"
                              "Dont do it"
5sosalina 5sosalina Nov 14, 2016
YES A SOULMATE STORY I was looking for one but didn't found one.. so I remembered that I liked your goodnight story so I decided to just read another story from you AND NOW IT'S A SOULMATE STORY :))
namjoonrm94 namjoonrm94 Jun 11, 2016
I draw hearts on my wrist .. Because i think its some one elses heart and thats bad..
Galaxy_Whiskers Galaxy_Whiskers Jan 24, 2016
stylesdevotee stylesdevotee Jan 22, 2016
"Watch were your fúcking going douch bag" I would hate to have something like that forever
yonnicorns yonnicorns Jan 09, 2016
all i can think about is "don't do it luke" *luke pours smarties all over himself*