Those cold eyes of stone(Jeff the killer FanFiction)

Those cold eyes of stone(Jeff the killer FanFiction)

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"Your fucking crazy." He whispered staring straight into me as if searching for my soul with those stone cold eyes.

"I know but if I weren't then I wouldn't have tried to find you." I said giving him a stern look and never turning my eyes from him as he released his cold fingers from mine. 

"You can't keep saying that. I'll never except the fact that you can live with with a monster like me." His breath hitched and all I could do was become angry and grab Jeff's hand before it fell to his side.
  I put it to his heart and then took his chin and made him stare back at me.

"Look me in the fucking eyes and tell me that! Tell me there's is not one bit or even a smidge of the old Jeff you were! Because I'm pretty sure I had see- suddenly I'd been caught off guard as he slammed me against the tree making me wince and......

I do not own creepy pasta all rightful work belongs to Mr.Creepypasta and others. Aside from that other elements of the story come from my own mind.
[WARINING:Contains rude language ,mentions of or sexual content.]

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