Twilight/Teen Wolf The Wolfen Heart  (Leah/Scott)

Twilight/Teen Wolf The Wolfen Heart (Leah/Scott)

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Clare By Piper5 Updated Apr 17, 2016

Vampires are our enemies. Werewolves are our competition. They were almost hunted to extinction hundreds of years ago by vampires. They were a threat to vampires existence. 


Because their bite can knock out a vampire in seconds. And an Alpha's bite can kill a vampire in a heartbeat. 

I lived with the Cullens now, along with my pack. So you can imagine that it gets a little messy when we accidentally step into a werwolf territory. 

We should of left straight away. Shape-shifters and Werewolves never got on, adding vampires to the mix? Not good.

But there was one tiny problem... 

I imprinted with the Alpha of the werewolf pack. 

Oh great...

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