The Daughter of Sirius Black (A Fred Weasley love story)

The Daughter of Sirius Black (A Fred Weasley love story)

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Aubrey-Rose Connors By Aubrey-RoseConnors Updated Nov 05, 2012

~Delaney's POV~ 

"Delaney get up!" I hear Uncle Remus yell from downstairs. 

"I'm up! I'm up!" I yell back, getting out of bed, and walking downstairs.

"Breakfast is ready" Remus says putting a plate of pancakes infront of me. 

"I didnt know you could cook that fast!" I say and I start eating. 

"I can't. I used magic" He says back. 

"Oh yeah" I say and take a sip of my orange juice. 

"Hurry up or you'll miss the train!" Remus says. 

"Okay dokie!" I say as I finish my breakfast and put the plate in the sink and run upstairs to get ready. 

I walk over to my cupboard and pull out my jeans, my favioute t-shirt and a blazer.

I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower and strip before hopping in.

After my shower I put my Bra and underwear on before I put on my jeans and Shirt.  

I pull out my curling iron out and plug it in and turn it on so it can't heat up. Make up time! I grab my makeup and start applying a little bit of foundation. 

Now where is my gold eyeshadow? 


ThatRandomHufflepuff ThatRandomHufflepuff Mar 25, 2017
Why is she new at hogwarts when she lived with Remus? In an muggle orphanidge? okay get it! But with Remus? I need an explanation!?!?!!!
dauntless_weasley dauntless_weasley Aug 21, 2016
Don't but your wand in your back pocket do you know how many people have lost their buttocks because of that!!!
                              -Alastor Moody... CONSTANT VIGILANCE
FandomHoarder FandomHoarder Nov 14, 2016
So you even have hair, my hair is very long but it is thin, it took me 20 Minutes approximately to curl my hair.
Always1895 Always1895 Dec 23, 2015
For a moment I was confused why she has a cupboard because I forgot not everyone who has one also lives in it... Oups!
Valton7 Valton7 Jun 01, 2015
isn't it obvious that she would put on her bra and underwear before the rest of her clothes?
imaweirdperson4 imaweirdperson4 Apr 05, 2015
I just imagined Lupin with golden eyeshadow, in a pink dress, sitting outside in a orchard, sipping tea, with his pinky in the air, and asking "one lump or two deary?"....
                              OMG MY BRAIN IT BURNS